Expanding its commercial horizons through exports and imports

Mega Group is a leading export import company of Maharashtra, the main areas for export of its produce being the Middle East and the European region.

Mega group is into exporting rice to different parts of the world. Our endeavor is to procure best quality product from hygienic conditions and then packing it using good quality packaging material. Main exports for rice consists of pure Basmati, Basmati shela (gold and white both) and other non basmatis that get exported to regions like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and UK. The rice gets sortexed thoroughly before it is sent to different parts of the world.

Finest variety of Alphonso mangoes are exported from Ratnagiri. Special care is taken while packing the mangoes due to its perishable nature by using the latest and state-of-the-art technique for packing. Quality control check starts right from the farms. Mega group’s team of expert professionals from the field of agriculture ensures the items are thoroughly checked before they are sent for dispatch. Like the other items, mangoes are also primarily exported to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.

Mega Group prides itself as one of the reputed spices exporters in Maharashtra. Before releasing the products in the market, it is seen to it that it is free from non-permissible hazards like pesticide residue, micro toxins, etc. As a matter of fact, all our products are quality assured. Also, special care is taken with the packing so that the nutritional values, tastes, colors and aroma doesn’t get destroyed. Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are the main areas for exports for spices.

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